We spent a lot of time on the dyno. I believe weve met the challenge pretty good.. MOSE NOWLAND: Bob Glidden, his name has certainly come up, but we currently do not have any active business with Bob. Thats huge, he said. Engine builders will use a profilometer to check the surface roughness along with an incometer to verify bore geometry. The compatibility and durability of the components was better than we expected and we just felt real good that we had a sound engine, and now the remainder of the winter we spent on dynamometer and a couple of test trips to start tuning on the horsepower.. That change, of course, didnt come at once. You have to admit that Pro Stock is like red-headed children now. I would really like the thank the guys for giving me this opportunity. Let me make it clear that we didnt have a whole gaggle of engineers on this project. He built a 255ci engine with a 2.550-inch crankshaft and needed a 8.080-inch deck height. I enjoy restoring the cylinder heads and intake manifolds for collector cars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Jaguars, horseless carriages and everything in between. The NHRA [Mello Yello] Series was up 74 percent. The reason Im running that Comp car is Danny Jesel built an engine and I race that car with that engine. Video: Discussing Ford C3, D3, And FR9 Engines With, Harrop Engineering Goes Behind The Scenes At Mast, What I Learned Today With Jeff Smith Ensuring Wrist Pin, L5P Duramax Tuning Made Easy With Superchips, Whipple Is Bringing Gen 5s Together With 3.0L Blower And, Boost Life Made Easy With The Summit Racing Pro LS Turbo, Shop Tour: Brian Tooley Racing Expands To Be A One-Stop, EngineLabs Tool Of The Month: Summit Racing Lb-In Torque, Why You Should NOT Emissions Delete Your Diesel, Can A Cold Air Intake Really Help Your Trucks, Ask The Expert: We Want Your Questions For Canton Racing, The Answers: DeatschWerks Responses To Your Fuel System, SEMA 2022: GEARWRENCH Leveled Up With Distinct Quality Hand, EngineLabs Tool Of The Month: Summit Racing AN Wrench, HOLY SHIP! A lot of work went into this project, as the car body change . We can get twice as much done in half the time., Morgans fascination with airflow dynamics and cylinder heads started early. Pro Stock fans, of course, may bring up thequestionable victories by one Mopar team in the 90s, but Pro Stock has been pretty much a GM playground over the years. The intake manifold would have grown as wide as a house if the deck heights had not shrunk over the years. He built a 255ci engine with a 2.550-inch crankshaft and needed a 8.080-inch deck height. Larry Morgan's Pro-Stock Mustang Completed. of an in-house engine program exhibited by Greg Anderson which led many teams in the direction of building their own engines. Teams have hooked up a magnehelic gauge during testing to measure the pressure differential from standing still to 200 mph. The cars look temperamental to me, Morgan said. More. That got the pin out of the oil ring. Track carbs are set up to counter the effects of the G-forces when launching off the starting line. If we didnt lower the decks, the manifolds were going to be as wide a house, continues Maskin. popular with the younger drag racing fans. I didnt do that yet. They put it on a wall in the tech trailer. As Larry said, weve been working real hard and were certainly going to have a qualifying car, theres no doubt in my mind, unless some unforeseen thing pops up. I cant say anything. The last time Morgan ran fulltime in NHRA Pro Stock was in 2015. Im way better than Ive been. Ive always enjoyed teaching people because when I was young no one wanted to teach me!. A properly designed billet aluminum block would likely match an iron block in strength, but NHRA would never approve such a move. Heres team owner Victor Cagnazzi keeping tabs on camera spies. I plan on running all of em.. Weve had several test trips and weve done extensive dynamometer testing. In 1982, the NHRA settled on a single cookie-cutter formula of 500 cubic inches, 2,350-pound minimum weight and maximum 105-inch wheelbase. HOW LONG DID IT TAKE TO BRING THE FORD PRO STOCK ENGINE FROM CONCEPT TO AT- TRACK APPLICATION? If you want to make good power up high, you have to have a short intake runner.. This past year the 4th-generation DRCE4 cylinder block was released to racers, and the allowable deck height reflects the continued shrinking of that engine spec. IS BOB PART OF THE MIX AT ALL? With the purpose-built DRCE cylinder heads, they had the option of shaping the combustion chamber to their liking, but also positioning the valves at more desirable angles to optimize airflow into the cylinder. Larry McClure was charged with federal income tax fraud for not reporting $269,000 for cars used in the ARCA series. Like us, Larry puts family first but he also knows how to get things done, and we know our relationship will only get stronger as the year progresses. Richie couldnt think of better person to jump in than Larry. Obviously, cylinder heads have improved over the years and were running a much higher rpm.. By Chris Taylor February 01, 2010. Erica Enders-Stevens and the Elite Motorsports team currently holds both ends of the Pro Stock record. It did fit into the EXP he was driving at the time but reportedly drove like a fuel altered. Ford archives photo. Christian collected his first of three NHRA Pro Stock Wallys at the 1988 event in Memphis, where he defeated the still-active Kenny Delco. Im actually going to be running a Comp car there as well and my full-time job at the races is working with Frank Manzo and Mike Castellano on the Pro Mod car, Morgan said. Morgan speaking at the American Drag Racing League press conference at the Perfomance Racing Industry show in December. The traditional 26-degree intake and 17-degree exhaust valve anglesboth with a 4-degree cantin a big-block Chevy has morphed into the neighborhood of 9 to 11 degrees with an 8- or 9-degree cant in todays Pro Stock cylinder head. We felt the Grays were the best for us right now. The new business relationship extends a friendship that Morgan has had with Gray Motorsports owner Johnny Gray for over 35 years. Also, most Pro Stock cranks are center counterweighted. I think its [Pro Mod] a real good class, and I think its going to step up this year and become something real serious. As the structure of the blocks became stouter, engine builders consistently enlarged the bore as far as they dared so that bigger valves could be stuffed into the cylinder head. Note the extensive support at the pin boss, narrow ring grooves and shallow skirts. We'll send you raw engine tech articles, news, features, and videos every week from EngineLabs. Remember, in Pro Stock, 10 pounds equates to .01 over the entire run. Oil from the main galley to the lifters on the DRCE4 is controlled with a billet plate mounted in the rear of the block, similar to NASCAR designs. We were very, very delightful with what we saw after that. Ferri says that 15 years ago the cylinder heads werent good enough to support short rods, so longer rods were acceptable. He finished seventh in the points standings and won two races in Charlotte and Denver and was runner-up in Chicago. His modest pit was overflowing with fans, new NHRA drag racing fans. Mark called me up and asked me if I could drive the car and I told him Im sure I can, Morgan said. He took a job with Bob Glidden Racing before moving on to Larry Morgan racing and eventually landing at Reher-Morrison. I had two herniated discs, and it was pinching my sciatic nerve, but its100 percent better than it was.. The name is still drifting towards the top. A large cam, such as this example from Comp Cams, improves torsional stiffness and allows for more aggressive lobe designs. Ive got to get my license upgraded.. at 7.655 seconds, and Warren Johnson had the speed record of 181.28 mph. Its not like what Im accustomed to. Nowland and Morgan talk about the engine, testing and goals for the 2010 season. Saturday, the iconic Pro Stock driver from Newark, Ohio, says change is in his future in multiple ways. The goal is to design super-efficient ports and put them in a casting that the average racer can buy. Im going to need an Uber driver to run around the pits. Im excited for Ford to get the Ford Mustang out there again., MOSE NOWLAND: And Im sure Larry is going to do well.. With quicker acceleration rate, the timing needs to be advanced more to keep up with the burn rate. Richie is our long-term driver. En savoir plus sur le Garage Volkswagen Fontaine - Jean Lain Automobiles. In 1970, both the AHRA and NHRA launched a Pro Stock class featuring the most popular drivers and fastest cars. Christians last of six NHRA Pro Stock final rounds came at the 1990 World Finals, where he fell to Glidden. Enjoy! Putting it all in perspective, at the end of 1982 when NHRA first mandated the 500ci engines, the late Lee Sheperd had the quickest E.T. Nacogdoches, TX Opening the next chapter in a distinguished motorsports career that spans over 30 years, Darin Morgan will join the Mast Motorsports team effective immediately. When NHRA rolls into Pomona for the season-starting Winternationals the first weekend of February, Morgan will be wheeling a Chevrolet for the first time since 1999. The duo got along famously and Larry assisted Ford in developing the program as they brought the Ford Mustang back to Pro Stock with the intent of returning to the glory days of Bob Glidden and other Ford Pro Stock heroes. The trend soon shifted to small-block engines to take advantage of a tangled pounds-per-cubic-inch rules recipe that included weight breaksreportedly often influenced by inside politicsfor longer wheelbase cars like a 4-door Ford Maverick. seminars as well as other seminars at its new facility in Nacogdoches, Texas. He's through with racing a Ford, and depending on some pending deals, Pro Stock as well. Larry saw Fords departure as a new opportunity. With engine running 11,000+ rpm, teams are constantly changing valve springs. "Surfacing that block was something else because the bellhousing bolts were higher than the deck," says Duttweiler, also noting that sometimes he has run into bolt holes for the water pump. Pro Stock engine builders avoid long skirts and a tall compression height, so much of piston design is focused on the support structure around the pin bosses. After all, nitro-burners have all the glamour in drag racing, helped along by their crazy body styles and flaming exits from the start line, together with a propensity to blow up at the top end, heaving those crazy bodies to the sky. Teams ran the Chevy 427 Mk IV, Ford Boss 429 or 427 SOHC and the Chrysler 426 Hemi in lightweight ponycars and even compacts like the Chevy Vega and Ford Pinto. Cylinder-head specialists were driving this trend. Said Morgan, I think its wonderful. Anchoring the rotating assembly is a custom steel billet crankshaft that has been lightened considerably to around 50 pounds, about 20 pounds lighter than a standard big-block crankshaft. I think we did it for one reason, and it ended up being multi-faceted, remembers Richard Maskin, president of Dart Machinery and a leading pioneer in Pro Stock engines. These GibTec Pro Stock pistons are three years old but offer a glimpse at the design factors needed for durability and low friction. Hes one of my best friends. Our connection with Larry, it came about as we were looking for very capable teams to launch our program with and I believe Larry might have been doing a little shopping from his side. Maybe one day. If the cylinder head doesnt breathe a lot, then youre going to want a longer rod. He started porting Pro Stock heads in 1989 and the enormous challenge Pro Stock presented hooked him immediately. That huge air scoop on the hood feeds to an airbox above the carbs, effectively creating a pressure chamber that helps force air into the intake. But as the intake ports started getting higher, the cylinder heads had to grow taller, as well as the manifolds. The runner has to see the booster.. They are trying to point us in the right direction and work on us with reliability. But its a done deal. Build your own custom newsletter with the content you love from Dragzine, directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE! From Formula 1 to MotoGP we report straight from the paddock because we love our sport, just like you. Veteran Pro Stock driver Larry Morgan confirmed to CompetitionPlus.com he will be filling in for Richie Stevens at the U.S. Nationals Sept. 2-5 in Indianapolis and drive the Camaro for Beaver Motorsports and owned by Mark Beaver. It takes a lot of trust to send someone these ancient and super rare engine parts, but they know when they get them back theyll be perfect., In addition to his duties at Mast, Morgan will continue his well-known A.I.S.T seminars, covering topics such as wet-flow dynamics, cylinder head and induction system design, and induction system tuning. That means the camshaft core could be 16mm larger than the crankshaft mains. I cant wait for Pomona., Thames understands the legitimacy of Morgans efforts. Development is so secret that teams rarely offer peeks at the top of the engine while in the pits. To build Pro Stock engines we had to come up with a new block. Topics. Its a no-brainer, he said. Theres no way we can get anything out of it because theres not enough TV. And you try to explain that to a sanctioning body and they say, Well, we dont know what you mean. You have to admit that Pro Stock is like red-headed children now. I think they will be fun.. Weve been involved with other engine designs and their special application. COULD YOU COMMENT ON THE FACT THAT OVER THE YEARS CHEVY DOMINATED THE PRO STOCK ERA. Weve focused on the DRCE family for this story. John Force gains honorary doctorate from UNOH, John Force Racing confirms its return to action, John Force Racing confirms its return to action The quick answer is that they dont make the same power. We have worked for many years with Bob and we love the family dearly; they can certainly get the job done. Ive been working on a lot of sponsorship for the last year, and people turn their nose up at Pro Stock. However, the longtime NHRA Pro Stock driver, who sat out last season without sponsorship, has an extra spring in his step this winter. Maskins first short-deck engine was a custom Merlin block. WHAT ARE YOU EXPECTATIONS ON THE FORD PRO STOCK ENGINE? He done a little bit of consulting with us this year. Its not. YOU SPENT A LOT OF TIME IN THE WINNERS CIRCLE. Its like my wife said: Its hurtful when youre getting ready to pull up and make a run and people are coming out of the stands. Larry Morgan changed from running a Dodge to being a Ford man several years ago. A couple years ago we got close enough to find Roger Brogdon, left, and Larry Morgan checking on their engines. But the driving question remains: What first prompted this miniaturization of the cylinder block, and whats motivating it today? Mild to Wild, Street to Strip. Morgan is a 19-time NHRA winner in 46 final round appearances. It was a necessary component for the future.. One dimension that stands out on the spec sheet is the deck height of 8.900 inches. It also prompted cylinder-head porters to raise the intake-port roofs and stand the valves up, giving the airflow a straighter shot at the valve. It takes at least 10 years of working hard at it to become proficient at what you do., Nevertheless, Morgans extensive background building race motors for a broad range of applications is what enables him to provide maximum value for customers. The current Pro Stock package traces its genesis to the factory big-block engines of the musclecar era and the popular Super Stock classes in the late 60s. We've picked the new engine up about 50 horsepower since then," said Morgan on the early developmental problems he faced. I wanted a rod ratio in the area of 2:1. Im good. This is how I looked at it: The Lucas Oil Series is up 31 percent. Both his father and step-father built engines for a living, and by 18 years of age Morgan spent countless hours experimenting on the flowbench. Were hoping that we can jump right up there and get in the mix of things and help Ford out with where were going.. The casting cores were modified to provide a deck thick enough to trim the height down around 9.100-inch. Technology, tips, and information about how to tackle challenges when building high performance engines and finding that "Hidden Horsepower". Stability of the cylinder, thats where all the power comes from, says Morgan. He said prominent Pro Mod team owner-driver Danny Rowe, of Laguna Hills, Calif., is not his new partner. Both his father and step-father built engines for a living, and by 18 years of age Morgan spent countless hours experimenting on the flowbench. The letter said it was for valvetrain development, because that was easy for them to understand. Veteran Pro Stock driver Larry Morgan confirmed to CompetitionPlus.com he will be filling in for Richie Stevens at the U.S. Nationals Sept. 2-5 in Indianapolis and drive the Camaro for Beaver Motorsports and owned by Mark Beaver. THIS IS YOUR 23RD SEASON IN NHRA AND FIRST PILOTING A FORD MUSTANG. NHRA mandates a minimum weight of 460 grams for each piston, along with 135 grams for the pin. The company has 1 contact on record. The big difference is what happens when an engine blows. Larry Morgan took a big step for the Ford Racing Pro Stock NHRA Full Throttle Series program last weekend in Norwalk, Ohio. Of course, you already know - Keep checking back for more information. Le Garage Dauphine Sport Auto reste votre service pour la remise en l'tat de votre vhicule quand vous en avez besoin dans le secteur de Isre dans la rgion Auvergne-Rhne-Alpes. MOSE NOWLAND: Weve made considerable progress with our engine and were very excited about it. In his latest role, Morgan welcomes the opportunity to combine this experience with Masts engineering and manufacturing resources to launch the companys newly formed Race Cylinder Head Services division. All rights reserved. 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